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A scholarly and academic nonprofit organization, 501(c)(3) established in 1983, the institute has combined a series of methodological programs including, but not limited to, Gaston Bachelard, J. Samuel Bois, Alfred Korzybski, Arthur Bentley, Stephen Pepper, David Bohm, Bertrand Russell, Kenneth Boulding.  We will utilize J. Samuel Bois' and William J. Williams' processes and methods; which emphasize the application of Epistemics, general semantics and the epistemological profile. With a special emphasis on the application and generation of knowledge that is innovative, transcends disciplines (non disciplinary or discipline of disciplines), epistemological and methodological.

The Institute's goal is to emphasize applied epistemology through the discipline of epistemics. Applied epistemology embraces and provides methods for therapy, psychology, cognitive psychology, cognitive sciences, psychiatry, the disciplines of liberal studies, ethics, law, humanities, business, public and private interests, medicine, and the natural and social sciences.

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